Living Peaceably in a Multi-Dog Home

Having more than one dog can be fun, provided you're a good manager and your dogs are well matched. More than one can be very demanding, too. Your dogs will need you to be the best playground monitor you can be to ensure that everybody succeeds. Here are some important tips for making it work.

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The Two Week Shut Down  

Essential to success in bringing your new dog home.  

We strongly recommend every adopter apply this model

to their dog's first two weeks in their new home.  

We've seen remarkable results when dogs are given

a chance to adjust to their new home following the guidelines

of the 2 week shut down.  

​Read our Two Week Shutdown Agreement

Cost Analysis for a rescue pet

If you've ever wondered why our fees are what they are this document is a helpful resource in understanding the true cost of each of our rescued dogs!  These costs do not include any additional fees for heartworm treatment or treatment for injuries or illnesses that many of our dogs face. 

Dealing with Separation Anxiety  

It can be very difficult for some dogs to be left alone for any length of time.  Dogs can develop destructive habits trending to the extreme when separation anxiety is left unchecked.  Anxiety doesn't have to be a hopeless situation for you and your dog.  

I'm Just a Pit Bull 

by Jason M. Flatt, Founder, Friends to the Forlorn

A scowl genetically embedded on my face, as I didn't come from the greatest place.
I was born out of brutality and cruelty.

Any act of kindness towards me would be something completely new to me.
I never win the popularity contest, as I am not liked by many.

When they handed out chances, I never received any.
I always walk alone, but not by choice, I cant even plead my case, as I have no voice.

The jury is out before my trial even begins.

I have become a storage facility that is full of humanity's sins.
My friends are sentenced to death without committing a crime.

The hurt and the pain that is inflicted on me is overlooked all the time.
I have been racially profiled because of my breed...

Fought to the death for other peoples greed.
I have viewed much of my life on chains, or behind bars...

You cant even see my smile, because its been hidden by scars.
You read horrific stories of all my heinous acts...

the press exploits me without knowing all the facts.
My neck has grown heavy with your weights and your chains...

I have been fed nothing but torture, and I have absorbed all the pain.
My life can be compared to that of slavery...

Is this the path that society has made for me?
I am resilient by nature and I have way too much pride...

That's why it is rare to see someone like me ever cry.
What I really want is to be by your side. I'm loyal to you forever, or at least until I die.
What few of you know is how emotional I can be. All I want is to be part of your family.
I am not saying that all of us are perfect or great.

Humans come in both and good and bad, so you should be able to relate.
I don't want to be beaten down any longer...

you need to make laws to protect me, much stronger.

Don’t stand there and let this happen one more day. The cruelty I am subjected to, is not OK.
I know it will take time and your schedule is full. Why would you want to try and help me???

I'm just a Pit Bull.

10 Reasons to Spay or Neuter your dog

Every dog adopted through SOTB will be spayed or neutered before adoption.  We carry this as a strict policy because of the millions of dogs every year who are euthanized due to overpopulation.  If you're wondering what the big deal is about spaying or neutering your pet read through this article courtesy of the ASPCA.  

The decision to add a dog to your family is a major commitment.  

Dogs adopted through South of the Bully have a lifetime of love and devotion to offer their new family.  However, every dog, regardless of where they came from, bring with them a unique set of challenges.  From potty training a puppy to introducing an adult dog to their resident 'fur siblings', bringing a new dog home

is a big event.  South of the Bully rescues dogs from a variety of life circumstances. Some of our dogs are surrendered directly to the rescue by their owners, others are rescued from animal control facilities all over North and South Carolina, still others are found abandoned, neglected or abused and make their way to the rescue through good samaritans.  Whether a puppy or an adult, each SOTB dog has a unique story.  Our volunteers and fosters appear to work magic on many of

these dogs, don't be fooled, there's no magic involved!  Our successes can be credited to hard work, patience, and reliable responsible training that focuses

on routine and positive reinforcement.  

This page is dedicated to ensuring that our adoptive families have access to every resource we can make available so their adoption story is a success.  

Foster Frequently Asked Questions

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to foster with South of the Bully?  Do you worry about who will pay for vet bills?  Do you want to help save a dog's life but you're unsure of what to do next?  We're here to help!  

Recommendations for Dog Introductions 

There's only one way to introduce two new dogs to each other... 

SLOWLY! "When considering introductions, remember that some pit bulls do not enjoy the company of other dogs and it may not be advisable in some situations to introduce dogs at all. Respect each dog's personality and do not push dogs to 'be friends.'"

Understanding the Pit Bull Dog

There's a lot of information out there about pit bulls.  It's important when you're considering adding one of these remarkable animals to your family that you understand the breed, their characteristics, strengths and weaknesses.  Pit Bulls are not for everyone, but in the right home they make a loving, devoted, companion for life.  

- courtesy of Pit Bull Rescue Central

Before you adopt a pit bull dog

The decision to adopt a dog shouldn't be made on a whim.  Depending on the age of the dog you'll have this new member of your family for 10-15 years.  That's a huge commitment!  Responsible dog ownership begins before you bring the dog home.  Take the time to plan ahead for this new member of the family.  

- courtesy of Pit Bull Rescue Central